Joker Poker Video Poker Review

Joker Poker Video Poker Image

Joker Poker basically the same as Jack or Better but includes a joke than can be used to replace any other card. Microgaming has developed the game to use 53 cards, which includes 52 standard cards along with 1 joker. Payouts have been increased for the game, making it more rewarding in all aspects. A natural royal flush will provide winnings up to 5,000 coins when max bet is played and up to 750 coins with minimum bet, which is sill considered a massive win.

Microgaming includes various player options that include different coin values from $0.01 to $5.00 per coin. These values are used to multiply winnings into dollars, meaning higher payouts can be achieved with greater value.Β  The game can be enjoyed on multiple mobile devices with iOS, Android or Windows apps or with HTML5 with other devices. Instantly play can be enjoyed on computers, which includes the same winnings and opportunities as mobile game options.

Once a winning combination takes place, a double up button will line up in the navigation panel. Here additional winnings will become available as a double or nothing bonus game is offered with a Hi-Lo feature. Once the bonus has been entered, the winning from the current winning round will be wagered. Choose whether the next card will be higher or lower than the card currently displayed, choose wrong and your winnings will be lost, but the right selection will result in double the payout. Collecting your winnings are available after each round.

How Joker Poker Works

As mentioned, only one joker card has been added to a standard deck of cards. This means the standard game will be played along with standard payouts and winnings. However, with the additional joker, that shows more than you think, combinations become a lot easier as well as high paying wins such as the Joker Royal Flush payout 500 coins with the joker involved.

Each video poker game from Microgaming begins the same way, making it easy for players to switch between games and still know exactly where the options are. For new players, choose the coin values along with the number of coins you would like to wager. Press the deal button to start the game and have 5 new cards displayed on your screen. Before pressing draw, players need to select cards they don’t want and have them replace with others that could add up to additional winnings. Be sure to choose a higher bet total before each round as values cannot be adjusted while the current round is in play, meaning a good hand will be multiplied with the bet selected.

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