Microgaming Android Casinos

There was a time when Android online casinos were nonexistent, and no one could even imagine how widespread and popular it would become one day. In a few short years, thanks to the massive leap forward in technology, the tablets and smartphones became so small and powerful that millions of people had the opportunity to enjoy their favorite online games on their mobile devices. Software developers like Microgaming saw an opportunity to please more users by tapping into the mobile gambling market. The company has been developing fantastic games for Microgaming Android devices on the Android platform and has never looked back. While Microgaming restricted countries prevents some players from enjoying the games, fans of Microgaming casinos can play a wide selection of incredible games from their tablets or smartphones on the go as the number of Microgaming Android online casinos continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Convenience is the key factor for making Android online gambling such a popular past time activity for players. The mobile devices are so small but at the same time extremely powerful to support brilliant casino games. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you have an internet connection, you will be able to play online. The dream of gamblers has finally come true where you can literally carry a casino in your pocket. Although a drawback to playing with your mobile device might be the small screen and not having access to special features you will normally find using a desktop to login, it still doesn’t compare to the convenience of being able to enjoy your favorite games while standing in line at the supermarket.

Android is renowned for being a universal operating system specifically designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is considered one of the leading mobile operating systems and is extremely popular in the mobile casino industry. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Microgaming decided to create several versions of all their games for the Android platform. Microgaming Android casinos probably have the widest collection of games in the world, and they are continuously releasing more game titles every month.

Microgaming has also formed a partnership with Spin3, a division of Spiral Solutions Limited, to assist them in providing more games to players on a mobile device. The Spin3 platform utilizes HTML5 where everything can be accessed from a browser. This makes life, even more, simpler and convenient for players who would like to enjoy the games they want. This unique partnership also eliminates the need to spend time on downloads, and there will be no need to visit any Microgaming Android app stores. You simply need to swipe and tap as HTML5 provides an inexpensive and fast way for game developments to create more masterpieces that will rapidly expand the games suite soon.

Microgaming has a well-deserved reputation for being the best and biggest game developer in the world, and this is proven again when you have a look at their mobile games with a comprehensive selection of different slots, video poker, table games and more, including the largest progressive jackpots around.