Monday, 01 August 2016 00:00

€30,000 Cash Drop Coming to MPN in August

The month of August is just beginning, and we just found out that Microgaming Poker Network is bringing back a popular promotion, offering Cash Drop in the value of €30,000 to its players. The promotion will start on August 4th, and it will last until August 21st. It’s going to occur once every 5 minutes, and a player will get a €5 prize if he is the winner. It’s a randomly chosen recipient that gets it, and he is chosen from those that are currently playing at a table with real cash.

Besides the cash drops that have a total value of €25,000, there will also be another aspect to it, worth €5,000 to those that are on the leaderbord. The luckier you are, and the more of these cash drops you win, the higher you are on the leaderboard. The lucky player that has the most cash drops at the end of the promotion will win €500.

Microgaming mentioned that it’s been a very popular promotion in the past, and they expect it to help them to continue growing, just as they have during the summer months.

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