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£30,000 Donated By Microgaming To Charities

The customers and the major stakeholders of Microgaming have voted, and decided, to which four charities the £30,000 will go this year. The campaign is called Gift of Giving, and Microgaming organizes it since 2013. It’s created through PlayItForward, an initiative of theirs. The recipients have the option to vote four of the twelve options presented to them, and gifts will be made to the winners. Each of the four regions in which the voting is taking place (Isle of Man, Africa, Europe/UK and Rest of World) will get a £7,500 gift at the end.

For 2015, the campaign has brought on gifts for four charities, as before. The votes are in, and the four charities are the following: Wish Upon a Dream (charity voted for Isle of Man), Save the Rhino (from Africa), Cure Cancer Australia (the charity for Rest of World) and CLIC Sargent (UK/Europe).

The founder of Isle of Man’s Wish Upon a Dream was very happy at the number of votes that they received from the inhabitants of Isle of Man, and for the £7,500 gift that they received as a result. The foundation grants wishes when it can, for children that are sick or terminally ill and which live on Isle of Man. The foundation relies on fundraising and donations for all their work, which makes this gift even more important.

CLIC Sargent, for the Europe and UK region, has expressed similar thoughts in regards to the number of votes, and their representative mentioned that their work benefits young people and children that have cancer, as well as their families. They give them clinical, emotional and financial support, and they will continue to do so.

Africa’s Save the Rhino foundation also got a £7,500 prize. Their work is trying to prevent the extinction of the rhino, which is predicted to occur in as little as 10 years, if poaching continues at current rates in the wild.

The fourth charity, Cure Cancer Australia, was the representative for the rest of the world, and it received its own £7,500 reward to help it. The money will go towards research that’s happening in Australia, in trying to cure cancer of all types. This charity is present since 1967, and in this time it awarded a total of 471 research grants related to cancer. Quite a few of the Alumni Researchers that they supported ended up being leaders of their areas of expertise, and even made discoveries that helped save a lot of lives worldwide.

Claire Coleman, the Microgaming Head of PlayItForward, has declared that more than £90,000 have been donated through this Gift of Giving campaign, and 12 different charities have benefited from it. She also thanked customers that voted in this campaign, and congratulated the charities that won in 2015.

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