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£700 Donation Secured Via Blood Drive Organized by Microgaming

The Wellness Week of 2016 has ended, and Microgaming organized its own blood drive for the occasion, helping to raise £700 for the Alzheimer’s Society, the branch from Isle of Man.

The health field got quite a bit of attention this last week at the HQ of Microgaming, which is located in Isle of Man. The Wellness Week began on March 14th, 2016, and it’s an initiative that is now at its 3rd occurrence. All kinds of sports sessions and experiences were offered to Microgaming employees, to help promote wellbeing and overall good health.

Among the sessions which were organized, there was one which was a talk organized by Zita Ronald, a dietician from the region. Another one was done through the Carrefour Health Club, and it involved a body composition analysis study. Prizes have been offered as well, this time through a game of Bingo, where a FitBit was offered to the lucky winner. Through this Bingo game, the staff had to complete various challenged during Wellness Week, among them being requirements to take selfies while at a gym, trying on new sports, and so on. Water bottles with infusers were given to all members of the staff, the kind where you could add fresh fruit to the water, so that a flavor could be given to it.

A Pilates class was also organized during the week, besides the usual offer of workouts at the gym from Microgaming HQ, which is free to use. A local optician has visited as well, giving the staff tests. Finally, there was a major addition to the Wellness Week of 2016, the presence of the blood drive.

Since just 2% of the population of Isle of Man donates blood, the local hospital is looking for donors to come forward and help out, so that a good supply can be kept in hand for those that need it. A nurse from Noble’s Hospital visited Microgaming HQ on Wednesday, and a blood drive took place, where 28 employees ended up donating a pint of blood, which was about 15% of the company’s workforce. An extra donation of £25 was done for every donor that participated, and it went to Alzheimer’s Society, a Manx registered charity.

The charity’s Services Manager, Grahame Bell, thanked Microgaming for the £700 donation, which will be used for dementia care on the island, and also praised the effort and the blood donation of the 28 employees.

As for Microgaming’s point of view, they maintain that even though they encourage employees to keep themselves healthy all year long, and they do this by providing a gym and delivering fruits daily to them, the Wellness Week initiative was important as well. It helped highlight certain behaviors, like the fact that plenty of water should be consumed, or the fact that everyone should rise up from the desk from time to time. The fact that charities also benefited from this year’s event was a definite bonus.

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