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Digital Product Of Year Won By Microgaming At Global Gaming Awards 2016

It’s the third year in a row that Microgaming gets the Digital Product of the Year award. The award was offered because of the Quickfire platform, which is one of the most innovative software available out there right now.

The Global Gaming Awards of 2016 took place at Venetian Palazzo, in Las Vegas, and the date was September 26th, 2016. They were created in order to celebrate the best land based and digital gaming, with a total of 12 awards being given in various categories relevant to this industry. The votes are expressed by a total of 60 judges, experts in this field.

Gambling Insider’s editor, Alex Hammond, congratulated Microgaming on the award, mentioning that they are one of the big names of this industry, and that they had a great year once again, especially with the help of Quickfire, the year’s digital product.

The category they won in was a competitive one, yet the judges decides that it was Quickfire that had the biggest impact in 2016 on this industry. The platform is a support for the live dealer, mobile, multiplayer, bingo, poker and casino software that Microgaming offers. It is offered in multiple countries and 2016 was its most successful year to date. It has over 600 games to offer, from Microgaming and from various development partners, and they are accessible at more than 400 online gaming brands.

Quickfire was launched in 2010, and this award shows once again the kind of progress that it made since then. Operators love using it and it’s one of the top choices that they have. Microgaming appreciates the industry’s award and the fact that Quickfire was mentioned for its innovation, flexibility and quality of content.

Besides this award, there was also the fact that Babelfish API, which is a Microgaming MPN product, was runner-up for the category Digital Gaming Innovation. This API is a go-between between the interface of the client and the MPN poker network. With its help, other poker game clients can be integrated with the servers that are used for MPN. Babelfish API allows MPN to grow even faster, since poker operators can keep their current systems, yet they integrate with the network as well.

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