Friday, 29 January 2016 00:00

Grosvenor Casinos Will Join Microgaming Poker Network

A new announcement from Microgaming lets us know that the Grosvenor Casinos will soon join MPN, the Poker Network that Microgaming created. As for Grosvenor Casinos, they’ve been launched back in 1970, and they are considered to be one of the major names of the British casino industry. They have 55 casinos in their network, one of them being The Poker Room, from London. The company which owns these casinos is called Rank Group Plc. They have interests in the casino, bingo and motion picture industries, and they’re traded on London’s Stock Exchange.

The digital side of Grosvenor Casinos has more than 110,000 players, with an increase in numbers seen each year. By joining the MPN, the casinos will have for their players poker variants which will be available to them via instant play, software or through mobile, something that they couldn’t do before.

One of the things that impressed the guys from Grosvenor Casinos about Microgaming was their attitude, which was enthusiastic when it came to poker. They’re looking forward to bringing their players into the fold of this large poker network, which continues to see growth year after year.

It is worth noting that these casinos are operators for the GUKPT, which is the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour. It’s a very popular poker tournament, which has a total of nine festivals that are part of it, which take place in UK. One of these events is called Goliath, and it was the largest such tournament that took place in a country other than the US in 2015, when it had 4,210 players.

As for MPN, there aren’t that many poker networks that managed to grow in 2015, but they were one of them. They changed a number of things, in order to insure that this could happen, including the rake structure for the network, the addition of new options (alias changes being one of them) or of promotions, an example of which would be Universal Championship of Poker. Since there will be even more operators added to the network in 2016, the expectation is that the increase will continue for this year as well.

Alex Scott, the Microgaming Head of Poker, revealed that he was very happy about Grosvenor Casinos joining the network. The expectation is that both sides will benefit, and he seemed quite excited about it.

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