Tuesday, 09 August 2016 00:00

Live Stream of the Main Event at MPN Poker Tour Tallinn

The final day for the Main Event at the Microgaming Poker Network Poker Tour from Tallinn is coming up, and MPN has just let us know the live stream’s details. The final day will take place on August 14th, on Sunday.

The MPN Poker Tour is coming to Tallinn, and the event there will take place between August 11th and the 14th. Olympic Park Casino will be the host for this event, and the live stream will take place with a delay of 20 minutes. The Twitch channel for MPN and the website will both offer a stream that you will find on the day of the event. It will come with freeroll entries and there will be expert commentary as well for the viewers.

Alex Scott, from Microgaming, commented that they’re using the live stream as a way to improve the poker tour further, and to help players to engage more with it. It’s the second time that they have a live stream for one of their main events, and the first one was quite successful.

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