The Mega Moolah Jackpot Is Won Again - €7,968,311.26

A new record has been hit by the Mega Moolah Jackpot, this time as the biggest ever mobile jackpot that is won by someone. It’s been won on a mobile device by a player of Zodiac Casino, on August 28th, 2016. The amount, €7,968,311.26, is the world’s largest mobile jackpot so far, and the one to award it is the Microgaming network of progressive jackpots. The player will get the lump sum, so he will be able to take full advantage of that amount.

Emma Hall, the Zodiac Casino Promotions Manager, mentioned how happy they are to be able to welcome yet another millionaire to their Millionaire Winners Club. They already have six players that became millionaires in an instant, across all the casinos they have in their network. The winner took a sign-up offer that Zodiac Casino had, which allowed new members to use €1 and to get 80 chances in return, which could be used to become a millionaire. The jackpot was actually triggered through a €1 wager. The jackpot in question is at over 5 million already, so another player of Zodiac Casino might win it at any time.

John Quinn, from Microgaming, said that mobile gaming make up about half of the total gameplay time that occurs on the platform, so it isn’t a surprise that huge wins are obtained on it as well now. He also mentioned how Microgaming’s progressive jackpots are the biggest in the world, and that they hold the Guinness World Record. With this win, they also have the biggest mobile jackpot to ever be awarded.