Tuesday, 02 February 2016 00:00

Microgaming Gets Licensing Agreement Signed, For Jurassic World

The latest news to come out from Microgaming involves the signing of a licensing agreement for the Jurassic World movie, the other side being Universal Brand Development.

The movie that the agreement was for, is the one that came out recently, in 2015, while the original Jurassic Park was launched 22 years ago. Building on the popularity of the original film, Jurassic World had a huge opening weekend, the second best worldwide, while its ranking for highest grossing movies puts it in fourth place all time.

The licensing agreement that was signed with the company called Universal Brand Development, was for a slot machine that would be inspired by this blockbuster movie. This agreement completes the original franchise deal for the Jurassic Park brand, which was done two years ago, in January 2014. The result of that first deal was a slot machine released in 2014, called Jurassic Park.

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