Wednesday, 07 December 2016 05:57

Microgaming Supports Mobile Family Library

Thanks to the PlayItForward program, Microgaming has just announced that they’re lending support to a program called Mobile Family Library, and that they signed up to help for three years.

The Family Library’s Mobile program operates from Douglas, on Westmoreland Road. The unit travels across the island and takes various materials to people that can’t reach the library themselves. They can bring to those people books, along with audio CDs or other types of materials. Their vehicle has more than 2,600 books, from all kinds of genres, to suit every taste. Besides helping out people this way, it’s also a great way through which people can find new friends and meet up.

According to Claire Coleman, the PlayItForward head, this is a wonderful program to support, especially since keeping the vehicles running can be an expensive affair. In order to make sure that the program will continue, Microgaming decided to pledge support for the next three years.

If people can’t get to the Mobile Library, there is a small vehicle that can be used to make visits at home. The staff that goes along with it will learn about the people that are benefiting and will find out what book genres they prefer. Next, they will bring them the books they would enjoy, or at least a selection of them for starters. This service, called Home Library, benefits residents that don’t have easy access to transportation or which can’t leave their homes for some reason.

There is even a mobile service destined for schools, which help teachers by bringing them materials that improve creativity in the classroom. The children are able to look at the resources and books which the Mobile Library has, plus there are also craft workshops or schemes that encourage reading over the summer break.

There are hundreds of people that benefit from the service that the Mobile Library offers. They get books to read and they also get a chance to talk with others about poems or books that they’ve enjoyed With the help of Microgaming, the vehicles that are used to run this service will be easily maintained over the course of the next three years.

Microgaming announced that they pledge a total of £30,000 for the next three years, so £10,000 per year, to support the Mobile Library.

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