Monday, 25 July 2016 00:00

Microgaming Gets Licensing Rights For The Tarzan Brand

A licensing agreement that was signed by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc on one side, and by Microgaming on the other, has seen the rights to the Tarzan brand be given to the latter, to be used exclusively for the production of slot machines online. The Creative Licensing Corporation was the broker between the two.

The Tarzan brand has been created more than a century ago, being part of a novel called Tarzan of the Apes, which was written by Burroughs and published in 1912. It’s one of the more popular characters in movie history, and so far there were 29 actors that portrayed it, the first one being in 1918. Additionally, the character was included in a couple of productions for Broadway, in comic books, more than a few TV series, and all sorts of other productions.

The online slot machine which Microgaming will design based on the Tarzan brand will come out later in 2016, both for the mobile and the desktop. The hero will obviously be Tarzan, but alongside him you will find Jane as well, along with Archimedes and various other friends of his from the jungle. The Tarzan yell will be part of the game as well, along with various great features.

Microgaming’s CEO has declared himself excited about the opportunity they have, to launch a new slot machine that has this hugely popular character in the main role. The Microgaming team looks forward to working on this new slot machine, and to design it based on the brand. The game is already in the works, as a prototype, and according to the CEO it shows great promise.

As for the holders of the license, the guys from Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc, their president, James Sullos, declared that they are pleased about the licensing agreement they signed, especially since it went to such a good company. The experience they have with slot machines for the online market will insure that the game will attract a lot of players which are fans of Tarzan.

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