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Microgaming Soapbox Race 2016

If you love speed, and you’re the kind of handy person that can build from scratch, you’re invited to join the third annual Soapbox Race organized by Microgaming, on the streets of Douglas. Starting from now, the entries are open, for the competition which will take place on September 3rd, 2016. You can create the soapbox kart after any design you want to, no matter how wacky it ends up being. Among the less typical vehicles that were crafted for last year’s race there was a wheelie bin, a double decker bus and a RNLI lifeboat.

For 2015, the event had 41 different competitors try their vehicles and skills in the race, to find out who could get the fastest time around the course. The competitor that ended up in 1st place, Team Bonnag, managed to reach speeds of almost 30 mph in their vehicle. Some of the other awards offered at that race included “Most Botched Kart”, “Best Crash” and “Biggest Jump”.

The date of the 2016 race is placed right after the Grand Prix from Manx ends, so it’s quite appropriate. The course for the race hasn’t changed, so we’re looking at a start from Circular Road, then it will go through Upper Church Street and Barrack Street. The course will be enhanced though, with additional bumps, jumps and chicanes that you can go through.

The organizer of the event, Elliott Moore, is delighted that the Soapbox Race is going to be back for a third year. It might’ve been just an idea at first, but it became an annual event that has proved to be great fun for those involved and those attending. The event got large crowds when it took place, in Douglas. Even better, there is a charity involved as well, for which money is being raised. He’s currently working on the event’s 2016 edition.

The proceeds gathered from the Microgaming Soapbox Race go towards a charity from Isle of Man, which gives patients therapy through hyperbaric oxygen in special pressurized chambers. Over 10,000 treatments were administered in 2015 alone, and it was in part possible thanks to the £4,000 that were gathered at the race in 2015, after a £3,000 total in 2014.

Davie Downie, an MBE from Hyperbaric Isle of Man, expressed gratitude for the donations that were made, as well as for the exposure that the first two races brought the charity. The funds gathered were used to help pay for an additional hyperbaric chamber, which can accept a maximum of 25 patients at once. The hope is that the 2016 race will help secure the rest of the funds for it.

The only sponsor of this Soapbox Race, Microgaming, helps the race both when it comes to organization, as well as financial help. Add to this marketing and PR, and people from Douglas can thank Microgaming for all the fun they have at least one day each year.

There is even a partner that will act for the media, 3FM being the one that will promote it this way, helping to let people know about it, and making sure that they will participate.

Those that want to learn more about the race, and maybe even want to participate in it, can get information from douglassoapbox.com on kart specifications or anything else they might need. Corporate entries require a fee of £100, while private teams have to pay just £50 to enter.

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