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Microgaming’s Half Marathon and Marathon 2016

The marathons that the title mentions are part of an annual event, one which takes participants on a tour of some wonderful scenic routes. For 2016, the Microgaming Marathon will take place on August 14th, on a Sunday. If you enter to participate, you can either choose the half marathon, which runs over 13.1 miles, or you can pick the full marathon, which has 26.2 miles. The location of this race is in Ramsey, and the route goes next to the sea, after which it goes into the island, and reaches the northern plains, which are stunning. The high point of the race is at 259 ft, with the end being placed at Ballacloan Stadium. Those that go with the half marathon need to cover one lap, while the participants to the full marathon need to do two laps. Even as a walker, you can take part in this event, if you choose the half-marathon.

For 2016, the marathon will be part of a partnership with BMAF, which is an association that puts multiple athletic clubs together, coming from both Northern Ireland and Britain. More than 5,000 members are part of these association, with ages of over 35 years. This race will be one of the Maraton Championships of 2016 for BMAF.

Even if you’re not up for the full marathon, you will find that the half-marathon is a very interesting event to be part of. It’s actually considered one of the top 50 races from UK for 2016, according to Runner’s World. Last year, there were 415 participants that managed to cross that finish line. For the men, the winner was a member of the Saltaire Striders, and his name was Soszka Marcin. The course was finished in 2:48:18. The  winner for the women came from Uckfield Runners, and her name was Toby Hephzibah, with a time of 3:37:05. The half marathon rankings saw in first place Mark Dooley for the men, and Nikki Boyde for the women (Nikki also won in 2014).

Terry Bates, which is the Chairman for the Veteran Athletes Club from Isle of Man, declared that he was amazed to see how much of an impact this Microgaming sponsored event can have, and that it is now something that is recognized internationally. In both cases, the winners of the men and women events were people that came from outside the island, specifically for it. Since BMAF will join this year as well, the event should be even bigger than before.

Praises were sang by the Microgaming‘s PlayItForward head, Claire Coleman. There was special mention for the fact that is the fourth year where the event takes place, and that Runner’s World recognized their efforts.

Those looking to enter the marathon, or the half marathon for that matter, should go to the site of the event, at Affiliated members need to pay £23.40 to enter, while others have to pay £29.25. Entries are accepted until August 7th, 2016. Besides the access to the race, there will also be a goodie bag, a medal and t-shirt offered, plus a buffet to fill up on spent energy.

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