Friday, 02 September 2016 00:00

MPN Will Name The Universe’s Greatest Poker Player

UCOP, which stands for Universal Championship of Poker, will take place between September 4 and 11. It’s the second time this championship takes place, and it will offer a total of €500,000 in guaranteed prizes across the 24 available tournament events. The title of Greatest Poker Player of the Universe will be awarded to one of the players, along with a cash prize of €10,000 and a trophy.

While the world has world champions by the bucket, hundreds of them getting this title either in casino poker rooms from Macau, Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, or in online tournaments. There is no other event that crowns the Universe’s Greatest Poker Player though, only MPN does this.

In order to take home this trophy and title, players have to both win, and to also demonstrate that they have what it takes as a great player. Consistency is important, as is the ability to play multiple poker variants well. Helping out with the growth of the poker game is also important.

There will be a leader board that will be used to track how players are progressing in this tournament. In order to get points on that board, players will have multiple options to choose from. One way is by winning cash at various events of the Universal Championship of Poker. Another is when they succeed at multiple poker variants. If they stream events online or via Twitch, that’s another way to win points since it makes the game more popular. The same goes if they share the game with followers and friends on Twitter.

The winner of this title gets to take home €10,000, along with the title that nobody else can offer. There will also be a large trophy, to take home and show off. Those that are in the places from 2nd to 10th will also get consolation prizes.

The guaranteed prizes have been doubled compared to the first edition of UCOP. Microgaming also added additional events, among them one with mixed games. If you’re after the title of Greatest Poker Player of the Universe, check out the tournament, nobody else has it.

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