Wednesday, 04 May 2016 00:00

MPN Launches New Promotion, Called Loosen Up

The latest announcement made by Microgaming Poker Network is in regards to their new promotion, called Loosen Up. The purpose behind it is to encourage players to get into a play style which is more fun and social, the type of experience that MPN always tries to offer.

The promotion that is offered here is based on the usual achievements engine that MPN has, which is automated. The players get a reward as high as €25, in exchange for the completion of various tasks that will improve the atmosphere at the poker table, making it more thrilling, friendly and loose. With those tasks, the players are asked to bluff, to chat with the others that are present, and so on.

Microgaming’s Alex Scott declared that they have to fight extra hard during this time each year, in order to get the player’s attention, since the weather improves and BBQs and sports are starting to get their attention as well. The promotion aims to improve the experience of those players, something they were already guaranteed.

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