Friday, 09 December 2016 09:55

MPN Poker Tour First Details Announced for 2017

With the end of 2016 right around the corner, Microgaming is now announcing the first details for the MPN Poker Tour, starting with the location of the first stop of this festival. It’s going to be an event in Vienna, the city where it took place in 2016 as well, back in February, when it proved to be quite successful, with its prize pool that was over €241,500, while the initial guarantee was at just €200,000.

For 2017, the first event of MPN Poker Tour will be in the same city, now between January 26th and January 29th, from Thursday to Sunday. The location is the same one, at Montesino.

Packages for the Main Event will have a value of €1,500 and will be found online. To qualify, you will be able to try your luck and skill at various satellites, in the cardrooms that are registered as participating. The buy-ins will be starting from €0.25 and will go up from there.

As part of a package of €1,500, you can expect to get the fee covered to enter the Main Event, which means a value of €550. You also get the entry fee paid for the Austria Poker Cup, valued at €150. The Roomz Hotel in Vienna will be used to provide accommodation over the course of four nights, both for the player and for one guest. Access to the welcome party is also included, as well as €400 to be used towards expenses and travel.

One day before the Tour begins, there is one more event that will take place, on January 25th. It’s called MPN’s Vienna 9, and there will be nine players taking part, with €30,000 in prizes offered.

The promotion called Vienna Cash Game Adventure will be used to drop cash in the accounts of different players, between December 16th 2016 and January 6th 2017. The cash drop, of €2, will occur ever 5 minutes, and will be added to the account of a random player.

There will be three tournaments online, which will be free to enter, and those will decide who gets to be among the players at the final table, at Vienna 9. The three tournaments will take place on December 23rd, December 30th and January 6th. You need to have gotten at least one of the cash drops though, in order to be able to access the tournaments. With more cash drops in your account, you get more chips at the start. Each tournament will send three players to MPN Vienna 9, with the trip being paid completely by Microgaming.

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