Friday, 28 October 2016 07:16

Noble’s Hospital Gets Laparoscopic Simulation Lab, Courtesy of Microgaming Donation

Thanks to a donation from the Microgaming Health & Care Trust, the Isle of Man Noble’s Hospital has been able to establish a new Laparoscopic Simulator Lab.

The Centre where this new laboratory has been established can be found at Keyll Darree, and it is a place where doctors are trained in order to be able to realize a number of medical procedures, including some that are considered emergency surgery. The centre has cost a total of £930,000 and it was opened in 2015, thanks to the support of Microgaming Health & Care Trust.

Noble’s Hospital planned to extend the centre’s facilities further, in order to allow trainee doctors to learn various skills related to laparoscopic work. To this effect, they talked with Microgaming about installing two of these units, designed for simulated laparoscopy.

Dr Roy Clague, which is the trustee of Microgaming’s Health & Care Trust, declared that it was easy to make the decision to support this new project. New doctors will be able in the future to learn new skills and to practice them. The skills of local island doctors will be much improved this way, and it will also encourage local doctors to remain there for training.

This type of surgery, which relies on cameras to realize procedures that are minimally invasive results in a lesser scarring area, and there is usually considerably less pain involved. The patients recover faster this way, while the outcome is the same as with a regular open surgery.

A surgeon from Noble’s Hospital declared that the Centre has been of great help since it was opened, allowing doctors to improve their skills in all sorts of medical fields. The addition of the new laboratory improves the Centre further.

There was a £7,500 donation that was used for the acquisition and the installation of three simulators used for laparoscopic procedures, as well as other pieces of equipment that are necessary to allow them to function.

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