Wednesday, 24 August 2016 00:00

Pariplay Becomes Development Partner For Quickfire

Microgaming has just signed a new development partner for its Quickfire platform, and it’s Pariplay that has now joined it. Pariplay Ltd was founded 6 years ago, in 2010, and it is a company that creates gaming software. They’ve worked with Microgaming already on another product of theirs, called FUSION, where they integrated the high quality games of the bigger company.

The cooperation was extended, and now Pariplay is also a development partner that works with Microgaming on the Quickfire platform. They are going to integrate all sorts of games that they offer unto the platform, including here online slots and games with scratch cards and with instant wins. There is a big focus of theirs where online scratch cards are concerned. Some of their titles in that category include Zodiac Fortune and Atari Star Raiders. As for the instant win titles, Atari Asteroids is one of them. The online slots have their own popular names to add to the list, including The Three Stoogers, Atari Black Widow and Las Cucas Locas. All these games will soon be available to the 400+ brands which use the Quickfire platform.

Pariplay Ltd’s Adrian Bailey expressed excitement at the fact that the existing partnership that they have with Microgaming has now extended and that they became a development partner for Quickfire. Thanks to the hundreds of gaming brands that are using this platform, the reach of Pariplay will now be global when it comes to their slots, scratch cards and the other games they have.

Similarly, Microgaming also seems quite satisfied with the expansion of the development partner range, especially since it brings more content to the network. They had a relationship with Pariplay already, and this deal only made it stronger.

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