Monday, 08 February 2016 00:00

PKR Makes Microgaming Its Exclusive Provider of Poker and Casino Content

PKR is one of the major names of the poker community, and they are well known for their offer, of 3D poker software of the highest quality, and unique in its own way. Now, we find out that PKR has decidedf to join their efforts with MPN (Microgaming’s own Poker Network), so that they will have their own casino brand, as well as a Vegas slots brand. In both cases, Microgaming’s games will be offered to players.

The fact that PKR joins MPN, yet it can keep its own unique software, is a unique proposition, but it’s possible thanks to the efforts of the Microgaming developers. The launch of a technology called Babelfish API makes this possible.

According to Chris Welch, the PKR CEO, they appreciate the opportunity to have their own 3D software for the poker side, but to be able to join a popular network at the same time, so that they can take full advantage of both sides. They get to keep their community and the software that made them popular, and they can also add more products from Microgaming’s catalogue, their reliability and their poker liquidity.

Thanks to the software from Microgaming, the PKR casino will be revamped, and it will benefit from games playable in the browser instantly, from versions for the desktop, and from apps created for Android and iOS. As for the PKR Vegas site, which is new, it will also benefit from having browser based games, designed with Flash and HTML5.

Microgaming proved just as happy about the new signing, and about having PKR onboard both for the casino and the poker sides. With the 2014 launch of the Babelfish API, they felt that they managed to do something very special, and now they see the results of that hard work. A company like PKR can keep their original software, and yet they can join the MPN poker network as well.

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