Thursday, 18 August 2016 00:00

Ranno Sootla Wins Main Event of MPN Poker Tour Tallin

The winner of the Tallinn leg of the MPN Poker Tour was Ranno Sootla, a poker pro from Estonia. He took home €31,000, after participating in the Main Event, which cost €500+€50.

A total of 338 entries were recorded for the Main Event, and the location where it took place was at Tallinn’s Olympic Park Casino, between August 12th and 14th. The prize pool reached a total of €163,930. A total of 11 players fought for the big prize on the last day, while during the second day a total of 94 players were eliminated in order to get there.

Two more had to be eliminated before the Main Event could start, with its 9 players. The live stream was available for that event, and it had a delay of 20 minutes. The last two players that exited before the Main Event started were Meelis Suurorg and Andrei Mjagkov.

The players that were at the final table included Andrejs Perederejevs (1,050,000 chips), Andres Allsalu (1,274,000 chips), Henri Parviainen (1,151,000 chips), Mikael Gronvik (511,000 chips), Ranno Sootla (568,000 chips), Kaido Koorits (30,000 chips), Mantas Urbonas (801,000 chips), Roland Luik (2,687,000 chips) and Hakan Bylin (379,000 chips).

As you can see, it was Roland Luik that had the lead where it came to chips, and he continued to be in the front up until he reached the stage where there were only two players at the table, him and Ranno Sootla. At that point, the chip count was in favor of Luik, the ratio being 7:1. Amazingly, Sootla managed to flip that difference, and in the end took home the big prize, of €31,000, while Luik won €24,000 for coming in second place. In third place, there was Mantas Urbonas, which won €18,000. Next came Henri Parviainen (€14,000), Andrejs Perederejevs (€9,390), Hakan Bylin (€7,000), Andres Allsalu (€5,490), Mikael Gronvik (€3,700) and Kaido Koorits (€3,000).

Microgaming expressed happiness at the fact that they managed to organize another MPN PT event that was successful, and at the fact that they managed to get over the guaranteed amount once again. The decision to organize the event in Tallinn a second time was another good decision. The next MPN PT event will be in November, in Morocco.

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