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Main Event of MPN PT Vienna Won By Jannis Bräuer, He Takes Home €54,000

The winner of the title at the Main Event of the MPN Poker Tour from Vienna was Jannis Bräuer, and he managed to take home a prize of €54,000. He competed with another 482 players, and he won the title, taking home his best cash reward from a live tournament.

The event, which had a buy in of €550, was held in Vienna, at Montesino Casino. A total of 483 players paid the buy in, and there were two starting day over which they got their start. The prize pool got to a total of €241,500, while the initial guarantee was for €200,000 and was considered ambitious.

As I’ve said, it was Jannis Brauer that finished in first place, a man from Austria that is now €54,000 richer. In second place, there was a man from Hungary, called Lazslo Toth, which won €31,660. Miroslav Lelek, from Slovakia, was in third place, and won €21,180. The other six players from the final table were Tobias Salzer (€14,860), Kaspar Sein (€10,540), Zuhair Al Pachachi (€8,420), Bartosz Jastrzebski (€7,080), Marek Blasko (€5,860) and Ivan Sebeledi (€4,760).

The next event from MPN Poker Tour will be in April, in Sofia. Alex Scott, from Microgaming, seemed to be quite pleased with the way the event turned out in Vienna.

The beginnings of the MPN PT were back in 2014, in May, and it started with a small event that took place in London. Now, it’s turning out into a large poker series with international events, thanks in part to the big guarantees which are offered.

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