Thursday, 28 April 2016 00:00

Winner of the Sofia Main Event Takes Home €35,000

The Sofia Main Event, from the MPN PT has just ended, and the winner ended up being Stefan Genchev. He took home the trophy, and a prize of €35,000, defeating in the end Nedelco Karakolev, which finished in second place.

This Main Event, which took place at Casino Sofia, had a buy in of €550, and there were 302 entries total, which played over the course of two starting days. The total prize pool reached a value of €146,470, while the guarantee was at €125,000, so it has exceeded expectations.

The ones that were at the final table at the end walked away with prizes, the biggest one being at €35,000 for Stefan Genchev. In second place, there was Nedelco Karakolev, which won €21,000. The others were Milen Vasilev (€16,000), Stefan Penkov (€12,370), Stoyan Obreshkov (€8,400), Valeri Savov (€6,400), Matey Sidik (€4,800), Peter Varga (€3,200) and Edmond Mkhitaryan (€2,700).

Microgaming announced the next tour location already, and it’s Tallinn, in Estonia. It was a request from players to go back there, and Microgaming decided to do it, and to use a guarantee a prize purse of €150,000 for this festival.

This Poker Tour goes back to May 2014, and while it started as just a small London based festival, now it is a major poker series, which has big guarantees in place, to insure that no matter how many turn up, the prizes offered will be significant at the final table.

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