Thursday, 05 January 2017 15:47

The Classic Tournament Announced by MPN

“The Classic” a tournament that gets the players back to the basics, was just announced by the guys from MPN. It’s a No Limit Hold’em Freezeout series, and it will take place this January.

The tournament will come with a guaranteed prize of €350,000, and it will start on January 8th and run until January 15th, 2017. Besides the prizes already mentioned, there will also be a Classic Hero award, offered by MPN via a Freeroll tournament with €10,000 prizes. This tournament will be accessible to players that manage to reach a final table. The ultimate position in the events and the number of final tables reached can be used to improve the chip stack for this tournament. The special freeroll’s winner will be crowned by MPN Classic Hero for 2017. Bragging rights come with it, with an online badge as well as a bespoke medallion that you get to wear if you want to.

Alex Scott, from Microgaming, declared that The Classic is the kind of tournament that is considered old-fashioned, going back to simpler days of poker history. Though newer games tend to play fast and require less skill, it’s the opposite with The Classic.

Even those that don’t do that well in the tournament can win something, if they qualify for a Bubble Bursters Freeroll. The one in the bubble position in the 29 events will get a total of five tickets for the €215 Sunday Showdown.

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