Saturday, 15 July 2017 09:07

Halloween, the Horror Classic, to Come to Microgaming, Following Signing of Licensing Deal

The latest news coming from Microgaming is that they just signed the licensing deal to get the Halloween classic movie into slot machine form.

They’re talking about the Halloween slasher movie that was released in 1978 in America, with John Carpenter as the director and Debra Hill as a co-writer. The main stars of the film were Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence. The main character is called Michael Myers, and he kills his sister during the Halloween of 1963, event though he is just six years old at the time. Fifteen years after the fact, he comes back to the fictional town of Haddonfield, where this all began, to keep killing.

The Halloween film had a tiny budget, of just $300,000, yet at the box office it got $47 million just in the United States, plus another $23 million worldwide. It proved so successful that there were another nine films released in the series.

Even now, after almost 40 years, Halloween remains a favorite for critics and viewers alike. It’s an important production for the history and culture of the United States, and so it was chosen to be preserved in the Library of Congress.

Microgaming’s Games Publisher, David Reynolds, says that this film is one of the true classic titles, based on which modern horror movies have evolved. The influence of this movie on the genre was huge, and so the team from Microgaming is excited to be able to work with it. The slot machine will be launched later in 2017 and the developer team is already working on it.

On the other side, the holders of the license mentioned that they’re excited about the opportunity of working with Microgaming, so that Halloween can be brought in front of the fans once again, through another method.

According to Microgaming, the slot machine, when released later in 2017, will feature the original soundtrack and the characters from the film.

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