Wednesday, 04 October 2017 18:30

Microgaming's Halloween Slot Machine Was Just Released [VIDEO]

Microgaming has just announced that they’re launching their newest slot machine, based on the popular Halloween film that was released back in 1978. The company has signed the licensing agreement for this film back in July 2017, and now they are already releasing the slot machine that is based on it.

This was an independent film released in the United States, belonging to the slasher genre. The director of the film was John Carpenter, while co-writer was Debra Hill, which was also in the role of producer. Among its stars, there were names like Jamie Lee Curties or Donald Pleasence. The character is called Michael Myers, a six year old that kills his sister on Halloween, in 1963. The film returns when he’s older, after 15 years, and he comes back to his hometown to continue killing.

Microgaming came up with a slot machine with 50 active lines, using the abandoned former home of Michael’s as support for the 5 reels. There are appearances made by Michael throughout the game, appearing in the window or next to the clothesline at times. There are various sound bites as well, which are borrowed from the film, and the soundtrack helps a lot with the atmosphere.

The game does well by its players, offering a wide selection of features, some of them unique. The Wandering Reels get a lot of the attention since these are groups of three reels which spin together and which can get Jumbo Blocks, 3x4 symbols that can occupy all positions. These Wandering Reels can be stopped in one of the three positions that are possible each round, changing the number of symbols on those reels, as well as the lines which are played. The ideal position for these reels is when they start from the leftmost position.

Another feature that should prove popular is called Trick or Treat and it involves a wheel of fortune. Three bonus symbols will trigger this feature for you, giving you a chance to win cash prizes or to trigger the Free Spins or the Boogeyman Bonus.

In Boogeyman Bonus, you have a picking feature that takes you inside the house of Michael Myers. The atmosphere of the film is well represented in this eerie house. You have to escape the killer, and finding him will end the feature early. The cash prizes are getting a multiplier here, which goes up whenever another prize is found, while also getting closer to escape. An immunity weapon is apparently also present somewhere, and it could be used to prolong the feature even if you’re found by Michael.

Access to the free spins can be obtained by getting them via the bonus wheel, which happens whenever one of the characters are chosen (Michael is the exception). You will win 9 free spins from them, with the triggering character acting as a replacement for other high paying icons (the Jumbo Blocks are not replaced though).

Microgaming seems to be proud with the game that they just released, which they built with the help of a brand that proved popular with the fans over the years. The game engine is feature rich and helps make the slot even more attractive to its players.

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