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Kilian Kramer Won €50,000 And The Title At MPNPT Vienna 2017

MPN PT Vienna just finished, and the winner of the Main Event was a player called Kilian Kramer. The Main Event had a total of 543 entries for its two days that signaled the start. It was an event at €550+€50 with unlimited rebuys. The casino where the event took place, called Montecasino, was filled to the brim thanks to the large number of participants. There were international poker players, there were locals and there were players that qualified online. Some of the faces that were familiar to many were those of Dara O’Kearney, David Lappin and Surinder Sunar.

Thanks to the huge number of participants, there were prizes that totaled €271,500, with payments being made to a total of 62 players. The smallest one was for €1,100, while the largest prize was for €50,000, which is the one that Kilian Kramer won.

In addition to that Main Event, there were also quite a few side events. Vienna gave us a side event for high rollers for example, at €1,000+€100, plus the Austria Poker Cup which had €20,000 in guaranteed prizes. There were a couple of turbo events, a double event, plus a Playstation Fifa Challenge. The party took place at a bowling alley and it was quite popular among players, not to mention pretty wild.

The Main Event saw the bubble burst happening on Day 2, on Saturday, the first player that reached the money stage being Severin Schleser, the same one that bubbled at MPN PT Vienna in 2016. As for the unlucky player, the one that missed the money, it was Michael Welland this year that occupied the spot.

On the final day, there were 14 players left, the lead spot being occupied by Kilian Kramer, the WSOPE finalist. Just a couple of hours later, the final table’s players were decided. At this point, Kramer had the second spot, while Artur Yarovoy was in the lead. It took 10 hours for the table to reach its end.

The first one to be eliminated was Zdenko Slavic, which finished in the 9th position. A couple of hours later, we had Adem Marjanovic walk out in the 8th spot. The 7th position was occupied by Johannes Hubalek. The 6th place player was Marko Maher. Both Hubalek and Maher were eliminated by the same player, Andrius Chmieliauskas. The former chip leader at the final table, Artur Yarovoy, was eliminated and took the 5th position. Juraj Valasky claimed the 4th position.

The final three players battled for over three hours, with different players getting into the lead at different points. Responsible for the elimination of three different players at the final table, Chmieliauskas was eliminated next and took the 3rd spot. 90 minutes later, the winner of the tournament was decided. Ben Middleton finished in the 2nd position, while Kramer was the winner. He took home the trophy, plus a €50,000 top prize.

Microgaming Poker Network announce that their next tournament will take place between April 27th and April 30th, 2017, in Malta.

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