Largest Mobile Jackpot Won At Mega Moolah, Worth €8 Million

The world’s largest progressive jackpot, called Mega Moolah and offered by Microgaming, has just been won again, and this time the value was at €8 million.

The prize was won on April 25th, 2017, by a player from Tipico, while they were using their phone to play the game. The previous time that the prize was won was in March, so a little bit over one month ago, and at that time the value was at €6.6 million. The current payout, which was worth €8,012,153, is the biggest one won on a mobile device so far. The previous record was also held by Microgaming, it was won in August 2016, and the value was at €7,968,311.

One thing to appreciate about these Microgaming prizes is that they’re offered as a lump sum by them, so you’re not going to get annuities if you land one.

Tipico’s CCO, Marlon van der Goes, mentioned that the prize was won with a wager of just €6.25, and yet he took home the largest mobile progressive jackpot ever won, as well as the biggest one in the history of their mobile casino. It’s a great success story, that Tipico was able to provide one of its players thanks to Microgaming’s Mega Moolah games.

Microgaming wanted to point out that the progressive jackpot was recently won, yet it managed to get from €4.3 million to €8 million in just one month and four days. They also congratulate the player that won this prize, big enough to change their lives.

Over the course of the entire history of the progressive jackpot network that Microgaming has created, they paid more than €716 million to their players.