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Microgaming's Charity Golf Day Raises £8k for a Children's Centre

An event that was organized through Microgaming’s PlayItForward program, Charity Golf Day ended up raising a total of £8,006, money which will be used by The Children’s Centre. In total, there were 21 teams that participated in this event, originating from various local businesses. The day started on June 16th, on a Friday, and the event took place at the Castletown Golf Club. Each team went through 18 holes in their attempt to finish in first place. There was also the “wild ball” to consider, which would give teams double the number of points. It was a way to increase the pressure on the participating teams, but it added to the total amount as well, since for each lost wild ball the teams had to pay £20.

At the end of the day, SMP2 was the one that took 1st place, getting to 116 points. Second place was occupied by the team from Old Mutual International, which got to 115 points. SMP1 also finished with 115 points.

Among the other teams that participated in Charity Golf Day, there were employees from Continent 8, KPMG, GVC, Simcocks, Black Grace Cowley, Robinsons, PayGenie, Knox House, Knox Capital Solutions, Red Star Ventures, Alex Holt, MAC Financial, Blonde Barbarians, Barclays and Newfields.

The target was clearly on winning the golf round, but it wasn’t the only attraction of the day. There was a hole in one challenge for example, which was not claimed this time, but which had an impressive prize, a Mini Cooper that was offered by BMW Buchanan. There were also competitions for nearest pin or longest drive. The winners of these got from BMW Buchanan a “Car for a Weekend”.

Participants in the competition also received goodie bags from the volunteers that helped organize the event. It was organized and sponsored by Microgaming. The prizes came from Raybon Putters (raffle) and Your Personal Wine Service. The cost of the event was covered entirely by Microgaming, so the full amount that was gathered, of £8,006, will go towards The Children’s Centre.

According to the representative from The Children’s Centre, it was a very well organized event, but also one where a lot of fun was to be had. The charity helps families from the island to put the children first, supporting them and helping them as needed.

Microgaming’s Claire Coleman mentioned that they’re doing this event for the third years in a row now, and that it was a successful one.

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