Friday, 11 August 2017 13:36

Microgaming Opens New HQ Building on Isle of Man

A new building has been opened by Microgaming, to serve as an addition to their existing HQ. The building sits right next to the existing office building, and so it’s based in the same part of Isle of Man. The opening date was on July 31st, 2017.

The construction of this new office has started in 2015, in April, and after a little over two years it’s finally ready. This new building has the name Sixty Two and it has 5 levels, allowing for more than 100 employees to work inside. The old building is joined with the new one via a sky bridge, making together a campus for Microgaming. The reception area shows off to the visitors some of the products created by Microgaming, using a demo wall to show off the awards that they received and games that they created, along with some of their long serving employees.

The new office was built with the company’s employees in mind, encouraging a culture that relies on communication and collaboration. Each floor has break-out areas, while the building holds a total of 16 meeting rooms, phone booths and hot desks. The fourth floor is used as an area where employees can gather, so the coffee shop and the canteen are both there. The same floor has a poker table, pool tables, table tennis, a darts board and even a library. To make sure the staff stays in shape, the company has also added a studio for fitness classes, along with a treatment room and a gym. Those that want to simply take a break will have access to a beautiful rooftop garden, which offers impressive views of Isle of Man.

John Coleman, the Microgaming CFO, mentions how they spent a long time trying to understand what the employees needed, and that they tried to create the new building with those needs in mind.

Microgaming has worked hard on making sure that the new office building was friendly to the environment, using the BREEAM method to insure that this would happen. This office building, with its 45,000 sq. ft of space, is the first one from Isle of Man to get the Excellent rating based on that method. There were certain features implemented in it, which insured that waste management and energy efficiency were well covered, using things like smart lighting to reduce consumption, along with temperature monitoring or air quality. If you go to the café, you will be served in cups which are reusable. Even some of the materials used in the construction have been turned into other objects, an example being a table in the breakout area which was made out of scaffolding planks.

Thanks to this second office building, Microgaming will be able to expand rapidly, their current employee count being 231. Microgaming started out with just 6 employees, back in 2001, when it started out on Isle of Man.

For the construction of this building, Microgaming used whenever possible the services of local businesses, and among them there were names like Curtins, Bell Burton Associates, Auldyn Construction Ltd, March Consultants Ltd or SMS Ltd. As for the design of the building, it came from Savage & Chadwick, another local company.

Most of the installations in the building came from Macro Metal. The furnishings inside were chosen by Claire Coleman, the same person that designed the external building sign, the library, the front of the bar, the Legends Wall and other points of interest from the building. As for the internal graphics, those came from The Hive, the installation being made by Vivid Limited.

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