Saturday, 11 March 2017 03:29

MPN's Jackpot For Fish Party Sit and Go Won Twice

The last couple of weeks proved to be quite exciting for players from MPN, with two major wins coming from the Fish Party Sit & Go game. One of those two prizes was the largest one to be awarded ever. The first time the jackpot was won, it was at a value of €207,438.09, with a bet of €10. The second time, it was the €5 jackpot that was awarded, at a value of €128,125.47. In each case, the reward was split, three players getting a share for each one.

Fish Party is a game from MPN, a variant for the very popular Sit & Go game. The game has a progressive jackpot, which will go up each time that someone plays it. The prize pool that is gathered this way is then offered through a spin at a slot machine called Fish Party.

For the €10 Jackpot, the players that shared the prize were the ones with usernames Betzy, snapcalledyou and meatmax. The winner out of the three was meatmax, and he took home the biggest share of the pot, amounting to €103,719.06. In second position was snapcalledyou, with a prize of €62,231.42. Betzy was third, winning €41,487.61.

Just a couple of days later, another three players won the €5 Jackpot. This time, the highest amount went to fini00, which won €64,063.06. In second place, it was 3PairDraw, with a win of €38,437.09. The third place, with a win of €25,625.09, was taken by momum.

Microgaming Poker Networks Head of Product, Alex Scott, took the opportunity to praise the company for the fact that their Jackpot SNG are the only ones to be truly unlimited. The prize was won six more times in the past. The jackpots are currently anywhere between €6,000 and €325,000, going up with each minute that passes. The amount that the player uses can be as low as €1.

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