Thursday, 27 July 2017 15:14

The Winner of MPNPT Manchester and the £29,900 Prize is Tim Chung

The Main Event of MPNPT Manchester had a total of 288 contestants and a £550 entry fee, and it was just won by Tim Chung. The winner of the event took home the majority of the prize pool, which had a total value of £150,000. He was crowned the winner after two days of playing poker and finishing first at the event that took place at Grosvenor Casino.

This was the quickest final table ever at any of the MPNPT events that took place so far, lasting just 6 hours before Tim Chung took first place. The player has 27 years old and he managed to be first even though he started out with a short stack. The chip leaders were defeated along the way.

He mentions that he managed to double up early on, lost some of the chips and then came back on top.

It took a couple of hours, but eventually Tim Chung managed to win the last hand and take home the big prize. It’s not the first time that he did this, and he actually has won so far more than $300,000 at live games.

The final table saw both poker pros and amateurs take part. Among the former you can count players like Alex Kong, Yiannis Liperis, Andreas Olympions and Tim Chung. The amateurs at the table included a business man, a chemist and others.

The order in which the players finished at the final table and the prizes they won are: Tim Chung (£29,900), Alex Kong (£21,800), Cieran Tighe (£16,350), Yiannis Liperis (£12,350), Sebastian Gruszczynski (£8,350), Jari Hurri (£4,950), Colin Guthrie (£5,100), Cody Wagner (£3,650) and Andreas Olympios (£2,800).

The return of MPNPT will be on October 19th, in Estonia. The Main Event will have 150,000 EUR in guaranteed prizes and it will take place at the Olympic Park Casino. Qualifications for it are open right now, and they start from €1.

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