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EmotiCoins, Microgaming's Newest Slot Machine, Was Pitched by Staff [VIDEO]

The latest release from Microgaming, a slot machine called EmotiCoins, seems to have gotten their employees quite excited these days. The reason is that the idea of this particular slot machine was pitched by the staff, after an initiative aimed at helping the company innovate.

The idea of EmotiCoins is to take advantage of the popularity of the emoticons, and so Microgaming chose this theme and made with it a slot that has 5 reels and 30 paylines. The ones that came up with the idea of this slot were Rob Mercer and Anna McChesney. They got the idea while attending Microgaming’s Idea Factory, which is an initiative of the company that helps bring innovation into it, with the staff’s help. This initiative even won the 2017 Spark Award.

According to Anna McChesney, a Microgaming PR manager, the use of emoticons is something that has fascinated her, since she has to deal with communications and social media in her job. Emoticons are a language of their own, that most people understand, regardless of their native language. It’s estimated that about 92% of the people on the Internet are using emoticons, so there was a huge niche to be tapped with this game.

The idea was submitted for the first time in June 2016, at a contest called Idea Factory. The world today is highly reliacnt on emoticons, and in fact if you use one in a Facebook post it is estimated that you get about 57% more likes on average.

The team for Business Intelligence got behind this idea for a theme early on, and they’ve helped the two staff members to improve it by thinking of different new features that could be added to it. Rob and Anna made a final pitch where they even included unique new emoticons that could be used, in November’s Decision Panel. The panel included a number of senior executives.

A total of 27 ideas were proposed, out of which 5 were chosen and they were announced at a party for the staff, organized for Christmas 2016. After about one month, the team at Microgaming started working on this new slot machine.

It’s August right now, and the game is ready to be released, finally ready after its long journey. EmotiCoins offers vibrant graphics, wild symbols and a soundtrack that is upbeat.

There are two types of wilds that are included in the game, for the base rounds and the free spins. You can use both the Wild Stickers and the Wild Blast as you play this slot. Wild Blast can be triggered at any point, and it will add five additional wilds along with a guaranteed payout. If you get three scatters to appear in the base game, then you get to trigger 10 free spins where you will have the Wild Stickers active.

The minimum bet of the game will be just $0.30, and it can bring you wins of up to 92,000 coins.

This slot machine is already available at operators that use the Quickfire or Microgaming software, for both mobile casinos and desktops.

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