Friday, 27 January 2017 15:31

The Vienna Cash Game Adventure from MPN Dominated by Cem Ayhan

MPN’s Vienna event, called Cash Game Adventure, came to its conclusion on the 25th of January, and its €30,000 worth of prizes have been awarded. A total of eight players were part of the final table, with different amounts when it came to the chips they held. They were all taken for free to Vienna, the expenses being paid by MPN.

The first three at the table had €4.22 million in chips each, and they were Micha Jankowski, Sebastian Lohunko and Cem Ayhan. The next three had €2.72 million each, and their names were Dag Einar Myhren, Reneta Marinova and Krzysztof Setkowics. The last two had smaller stacks, of €1.97 million each, and their names were Niklas Toffela and Ralf Ehlers.

Besides the money that was included from the beginning, there were also random amounts added to the start of some of the hands, with a total of €5,000 in winnings offered. These extra winnings were added directly to the online accounts of the players, and were not part of their regular stack.

The first one to go out was Niklas Toffela, after around one hour of play time. Sebastian Lohunko was next, and he left with about €900 worth of cash drops.

The game lasted for around six hours total. The one that lasted until the end was Cem Ayhan, which had the lead from the beginning and ended up dominating the table. He’s a 20 year old player, which is new to the game, being around the scene for half a year now. He plans on participating in a live satellite with some of his winnings, in order to enter the Main Event at MPN’s Poker Tour from Vienna.

Besides Cem Ayhan, which took home €11,400 and another €700 in cash drop wins, the other players that took home cash were Reneta Marinova (€3,865 + €1,300), Michal Jankowski (€3,030 + €950), Krzysztof Setkowics (€2,690), Ralf Ehlers (€2,040 + €200) and Dag Eimer Myhren (€1,735 + €950).

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