Sunday, 21 October 2018 10:56

Fish Party Progressive Jackpot From Microgaming Has Just Been Won

The €20 progressive jackpot from Microgaming’s Fish Party slot was just triggered, and it was at the highest value ever when this happened. The lucky winners got €317,849.78 in the prize pool at the time. The jackpot triggered just as October 17th started. The game has been launched in the summer of 2016, and this is the largest value at which it was triggered so far.

The prize pool involved will be given to three players, one of which was playing at Betsson Group, while the other two were from RedKings. They were all playing at a Sit & Go tournament with 3 seats, using a €20 buy-in.

The first spot was taken by a player from RedKings, with the user SipsCommin, and the payout for him was €158,924.89. The second place was taken by the player from Betsson, Check_Norris, with a reward of  €95,354.93. Finally, for the third position, the other RedKings player was grndonlck, and he received €63,569.96.

Since its launch, more than two years ago, the jackpot for Fish Party has been triggered a total of 22 times, and it paid over  €1.2 million. This is the ninth trigger of the jackpot in 2018, and the third one during the last three months.

There is also an official statement from Alex Scott, the Microgaming Managing Director for Poker. He congratulated the winners and mentioned how exciting the battle was between the three players. He also says that the jackpot has paid over €1.2 million since July 2016, and that they’re very proud of this milestone. Soon enough, they expect for the jackpot to reach the €2 million mark.

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