The Microgaming Soapbox Race Is Coming Back in 2018

A recent announcement from Microgaming is letting us know that their most popular progressive jackpot, Mega Moolah, has reached a value of 12 million and that it’s still growing each day.

This particular jackpot is known for the huge values at which it has been won in the past, and now it’s reached a high value once again, being worth over 12 million. The jackpot is not limited, so there is no real ceiling on the value that it can reach.

In the past, this jackpot from Microgaming has delivered a win of over 13 million GBP (17.8 million EUR) to a UK player, back in October 2015. This huge payout entered the Guinness World Records even.

This same progressive jackpot, Mega Moolah, is responsible for the biggest jackpot won on a mobile device. This happened back in April 2017. Several times in 2018, the progressive jackpot has been triggered by players already.

So far, since it’s gone live, the progressive jackpot network that’s operated by Microgaming has paid more than 903 million EUR. A recent win on it had Mega Moolah paying 4.9 million EUR at Jackpot City back in June, while Major Millions paid 1.5 million GBP on August 22nd.

According to John Coleman, the CEO of Microgaming, Mega Moolah is considered a classic by the company. It’s a maker of millionaires, a jackpot that keeps breaking records and it has been at it since 2006. Once again, the jackpot has grown to considerable heights, and it will soon be won by someone that will become a millionaire.