Friday, 03 August 2018 16:49

Microgaming Is Celebrating 1 Year in Building Sixty Two

After one year since they started using their new HQ from Isle of Man, Microgaming has decided to celebrate the event with a time capsule burial.

Alongside the staff of Microgaming, the CEO of the company, John Coleman, has celebrated the 1 year anniversary at their campus, on August 1st. Together, they buried a time capsule, placing it under the entrance to the building.

The time capsule is going to be opened 30 years from now, and it contains various mementos that were picked based on suggestions made by the staff, the aim being to commemorate various major events from the company’s history. The capsule is made out of metal, it is vacuum sealed and thanks to special treatment it should not allow items inside to become tarnished over the years. Inside, there are things such as photos from various company events, awards or from volunteer days. The capsule also has inside a volunteer’s shirt from their initiative, called PlayItForward, as well as different articles of international or local origins. One of them is the Telegraph published piece on how building Sixty Two is among 2017’s top 10 coolest offices.

This second building of the company has been designed to be useful to the staff first and foremost, while also allowing Microgaming to expand rapidly. In this building, 5-storeys high, there are more than 300 employees now, while one year ago they were only 231. The opening date of Sixty Two was on July 31st, 2017.

According to John Coleman, the Microgaming CEO, it’s very important for the company to mark this first year in building Sixty Two. The capsule was used to capture a snapshot of what Microgaming means right now, including the great culture they built, the staff and the campus. They hope to remind their future selves what’s their heritage and who made all this possible.

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