Thursday, 08 February 2018 15:54

Microgaming Announces Cash of Kingdoms Slot During Third Day of ICE 2018

The focus of the third day at ICE 2018, at least for Microgaming, was on one of the slot machines that they’re going to release in 2018, going by the name Cash of Kingdoms.

This new online slot machine is going to be fantasy-themed and it will have 5x3 reels, with 15 pay lines active. The heroes of this slot machine will be a team composed of a crafty Rogue, a magical Mage, a dashing Knight, a bearded Bombardier and a feisty Archer. These five heroes will be constant companions for the player, as he spins the reels in this new slot machine.

The new slot will be designed for those that look for adventure, offering a lot of interesting features, which will keep the action going on-screen all the time. Among them, they already announced the presence of Invading Wilds, which will put a lot of arrows into the reels, probably with prizes coming not far behind.

As is the habit for Microgaming, they’re using this third day of ICE 2018 to focus on this one game, and so they’ve themed their bar around it. If you want to check it out, go to ICE 2018, and check stand N5-120, where the Microgaming Bar is located. They’ve turned the Bar into a medieval location, with tables made out of gunpowder kegs, but also with plenty of archery targets, medieval objects and suits of armor.

The game will also have skilled archers on location, which will do stunts and will show off their skills with the bow. With the soundtrack of the game playing in the background, there will also be a contortionist which will be dressed like the game’s archer, performing a show three times during the day, between 11 AM and 3 PM.

David Reynolds, who is speaking for Microgaming as their Games Publisher, talked a bit about Cash of Kingdoms, a game that they’re releasing later in 2018. He mentioned the game engine, among others, which is powerful and which will offer players plenty of action along with great payouts. The features, along with the popular theme, will insure that mobile gamers will enjoy this new slot machine in the long run.

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