Thursday, 28 June 2018 18:57

A Restructuring of Microgaming Software Systems Ltd Was Announced | Apricot Investments

The latest announcement from Microgaming Software Systems Ltd is that they’re changing their name. The new company name is Apricot Investments, which is supposed to allow them to widen their interests into both private and public assets, though the focus will remain on the gambling and gaming niche.

At the same time, the former Oakwood Limited, which is a subsidiary of theirs, has been renamed as well, and it’s now called Quickfire Limited.

The newly named Apricot Invesments, which was previously called Microgaming Software Systems Ltd, has announced that Roger Raatgever has been named its Executive Chairman. Roger Raatgever was CEO of the former Microgaming Software Systems Ltd for the last 17 years.

The focus for Apricot Investments will be on holding a variety of assets, both of the public and private variety. The focus of the company will remain the gambling and gaming space. As an investment vehicle, Apricot Investments will try to purse bigger interests in the gambling industry.

Microgaming has announced that its new CEO is John Coleman, which has been just been appointed to this position. John was previously the company’s CFO, and he has been a major part of the company’s efforts in the last couple of years.

John Coleman declared that he is honored to be called to lead Microgaming. It’s an important time for the business and there will be plenty of exciting opportunities in the years to come.

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