Thursday, 12 July 2018 15:32

Microgaming Announces Several Changes in Leadership

Two new C-level appointments were just announced by Microgaming, a company that seems to be in the midst of some big changes in that area. After they changed the CEO last month, to John Coleman, it is time for new CCO and COO to be announced as well. The job of Chief Operating Officer was taken by Andrew Clucas, while Jean-Luc Ferriere became the Chief Commercial Officer.

Andrew Clucas, the new COO, was previously the Quickfire director since September 2016, during which he helped the platform obtain a double-digit growth.

John Coleman announced this new appointment as COO and mentioned how important Andrew was since he joined the company in 2009. He obtained consistent great results in all areas that he was involved in, including at Quickfire.

Andrew Clucas mentioned how delighted he was to take on this role in the Microgaming team, at such an important time for the company.

As for Jean-Luc Ferriere, the new CCO, he was the previous Network Games director, where he was involved in the development of bingo and poker products, as well as in strategic decisions, promotions and development.

The comment from John Coleman, the CEO, was on how Jean-Luc has been with the company for almost two decades, a big achievement by itself. He has great commercial expertise and he helped launch Microgaming products with great success all over the world.

Jean-Luc Ferriere, the new CCO of Microgaming, added that he is privileged to have been part of the business for so long, working and leading a number of departments over that period of time. He mentions how strong the culture and people of Microgaming are, and he looks forward to leading them to the highest level.

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