Thursday, 11 October 2018 17:27

Microgaming Improves Workplace Welbeing by Offering Training for Mental Health Awareness

A recent announcement from Microgaming is letting us know that they're working hard at improving the wellbeing of their workers, by providing them with training for mental health awareness. This was done in collaboration with Lisa Lowe Centre and it is part of the Time to Change pledge for them.

Back in October 2017, Microgaming signed the Employer Pledge with a campaign called Time to Change. The purpose behind this campaign is to fight discrimination caused by mental health issues. The company aims to offer a better workplace, healthier and happier. Not only do they want to raise awareness of this problem, but they also plan to introduce first aiders which are fully trained to assist with mental health.

As it works on this pledge, Microgaming has agreed to work with Lisa Lowe Centre, in order to deliver training for mental health awareness to the line managers from Derivco and Microgaming. This charity is based on Isle of Man and they will train the managers so that they can recognize any symptoms and signs of issues related to mental health.

The staff of the two companies will also have access to sessions which are aimed to improve their mental health awareness. Once again, there will be information offered that's related to awareness, tools which can be used to coping and things that can be stressors.

The PlayItForward initiative from Microgaming has donated £6,000 to the Centre, in order to support their work on Isle of Man.

Gareth Nicholson, the Lisa Lowe Centre representative, thanked Microgaming for working for them on improving mental health, and mentioned how important this can be.

On the side of Microgaming, the CCO, Jean-Luc Ferriere, declared that they try to keep a culture where people are comfortable speaking up if they have problems. The managers will be trained by Lisa Lowe Centre to figure out when their colleagues have issues related to mental health, so that they can assist them better.

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