Sunday, 03 June 2018 14:13

Microgaming Releases Poke The Guy [VIDEO]

If you’re looking for a fun game, that’s just silly and easy to play, then Microgaming has got you covered with their latest release, Poke The Guy.

In Poke The Guy, you’re going to discover a game that offers spectacular prizes, winnable via a new way of playing casino games. It has outlandish animations and colorful graphics, with a wacky main character that you need to take down in order to win. The Guy is a monster that’s going through a city, and you need to try and save the citizens from this menace.

As a player, you can select one of the included weapons, to throw in the direction of The Guy. These weapons range from silly yellow ducks that you’d normally use in a bathtub, to deadly piranhas or knives. Each of these objects has its own betting range that you can use. You can select both the weapon and the wager this way.

You have to click once on the slingshot, and its electric field will catapult the object in a random direction. Each throw costs you the bet for that spin. You can count on The Guy trying to run away from these projectiles, running across famous landmarks in the process. If you hit The Guy, you get a random payout, with as much as 500x the bet being awarded.

Mobile players will find that the game is optimized for use on their devices, so it will be available even while you’re away from your PC.

It’s a game that is easy to play and which can give you huge payouts, while at the same time keeping things fun and simple. You can find it at all Quickfire and Microgaming operators.

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