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The Microgaming Soapbox Race Is Coming Back in 2018

Microgaming has just announced that they’re opening up entries for participation in the Soapbox Race that they’re organizing each year, this time for the 2018 edition. This race occurs in Douglas, and the date for it is September 1st, 2018, starting from 6 PM.

It’s a fundraiser event, which is a lot of fun, and which can be quite exciting thanks to all the steep slopes, jumps and tight turns that can be experienced in it. You start off at Circular Road, then go through the Upper Church Street, and then get to the finish line on Barrack Street.

The prizes are given for different types of achievements, including highest speed, fastest lap, best crash and biggest jump. If you don’t win one of those, you might get a prize for being “best dressed” or for having an outstanding kart design.

Some of the designs used in the past were of double decker buses and other vehicles from popular TV series.

The money that’s raised during this event will be going to a charity from the island, called Hyperbaric Isle of Man. More than 15,000 patients from the island receive therapy through hyperbaric oxygen each year thanks to them. The last race of this type was in 2016, and it raised a total of £4,000 then, while overall almost £7,000 were collected for them so far.

The event has been supported by Microgaming since 2014, through their PlayItForward initiative. They helped both with money and volunteers.

The entry into the event costs £150 for corporate teams, and £50 for private ones.

The organizer of the event, Elliott Moore, called for all daredevils to come and join the 2018 Soapbox Race, one of the most exciting events scheduled on the island. A total of three jumps can be made during the course, making it a thrilling adventure. The quirky and crazy karts that participate are also interesting.

Microgaming also mentioned how they can’t wait for the event to start. It’s going to be a lot of fun and the volunteers from PlayItForward will help the event’s personnel to make it safe for everyone. Microgaming will have its own kart participating in the race.

3FM, which is the on-air sponsor, will comment the race live. They mention how much fun the race is and how important are those donations for Hyperbaric Isle of Man.

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