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Microgaming Sponsored Marathon Events Took Place on August 12

The annual Marathon event that Microgaming sponsors for the Isle of Man community, has taken place this last weekend, on August 12th. The three events that were organized included the full Marathon, the Half Marathon and a Marathon Relay Race.

The organizer of this event each year is Veteran Athletes Club from Isle of Man. Their work has been recognized, and the marathon is considered one of the top 10 such races which take place in UK each year. Participants from a lot of different countries come here, including from Hong Kong, Brazil or Sweden. Two Swedish players even made this their 100th and 450th marathon races.

Some of those running in the event did it on behalf of a charity, and that was the case with Claire Coleman, which did a half marathon while wearing a costume of a rhino, since she tried to help an organization called Save the Rhino. The same costume has been used in other major marathons in the past.

The first spot of the full marathon was taken by Paul Sykes, which finished the race in 2:51:33. Second was Nhlanhla Nzama, which had a time of 3:04:24, while the third best time of 3:08:38 was obtained by Matthew David.

In the woman’s race, it was Rebecca Johnson that finished first, in 3:12:04, the fourth best time of the overall ranking. Next were Angelica Kelley with 3:30:30 and then with 3:40:14 was Kirsty Arnold.

For the half marathon, the winner was Marcin Soszka, which had a time of 1:15:03, while the top ranking female was Megan Thomas, with 1:31:37.

The Relay race had four stages and the team that won it was called KUTA Atomic Blondes. Their time was 3:44:02. As for the members of the team, they were Claire Losh, Melanie Schick, Lucy O’Toole and Jo Lannon.

The event was organized by volunteers from Microgaming’s staff, with the sponsorship coming from the PlayItForward initiative.

Kate Moughtin, from Microgaming, mentioned how this is the sixth such event that they’re sponsoring, and that once again it was a successful day. This time they had their own people running in the marathon, so there was extra incentive for them to cheer from the sides.

The Veteran Athletes Club chairman, Terry Bates, also said that the event was successful and thanked those involved for helping organize it. While he wasn’t able to participate because of an injury, he still helped out from behind the scenes.

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