Tuesday, 06 February 2018 15:32

Microgaming Introduces Triple Edge Studios, Their New Exclusive Supplier

For the first day of the ICE 2018 conference, Microgaming has some interesting announcements to make, and among them there is the fact that they will start working with an independent game studio, called Triple Edge Studios. This new studio will offer exclusive content, which will only be available at Microgaming casinos.

Apparently, this is only the first of a number of such independent studios, which will start creating slot machines for Microgaming. This will allow them to innovate more and to offer a lot more variety as well, while keeping the gaming experience at its highest level.

From each of these supplying studios, there will be a number of games released, of different types and styles, so that as many customers of Microgaming are satisfied. Besides the fact that there will be more diversity in the type of content offered, there will also be a larger number of games released.

The CEO of Microgaming, Roger Raatgever, declared that this is going to be their strategy going forward, especially in 2018. Relying on content that is exclusive to them, from other independent studios, will be a huge part of their plan. With their help, they will try to offer targeted content, to specific markets or to different player segments. He mentions as well, that Triple Edge Studios is only the first such independent studio that is announced to be an exclusive provider for Microgaming. Though it’s an ambitious move, they feel that this will make Microgaming even more important in today’s market.

As for the kind of content that we can expect from this new exclusive deal, Triple Edge Studios will offer games that have the highest quality and which are original. Customers that use Quickfire or Microgaming software will have access to them. Halloween and Oink Country Love are two games that are in their portfolio right now.

As for the first slot machine that will use the brand of Triple Edge Studios, that’s going to be called Playboy Gold, and it’s going to be created under official license, whose owners are Microgaming for this market, since 2013. The release date for this game will be March 7th, 2018. It will be a 6-reel title, with the Playboy brand front and center, and with plenty of cool bonus features to be enjoyed.

The Triple Edge Studios Design Lead, Brendan Walton, mentioned how great it is to launch a studio during ICE 2018, the biggest event of the industry. They’ve worked hard over the last couple of months, but they managed to create a great game, and they’re proud to be exclusive content providers for Microgaming.

With the exclusive deal being announced there, Triple Edge Studios got a space of their own at ICE 2018, opposite the stand and bar that are under the Microgaming brand.

As for the Microgaming Bar, it will be themed around Playboy during the first day of this event, plenty of performances being programmed to make it look cool for it.

There will be more exclusive deals announced during the next couple of months, with other studios. In the meantime, you can visit Microgaming’s stand during ICE 2018, to learn more about them.

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