Sunday, 09 September 2018 15:51

Microgaming Will Create Village People Slot After Deal With ITV Studios Global Entertainment

Microgaming has announced that they’ve just signed a new deal, this time with ITV Studios Global Entertainment, the purpose being the creation of an online slot machine which is inspired by the famous Village People.

This game has been announced for release in 2019, when it will be based on the memorable hits that the Village People had over the years, and among them you will find titles like Macho Man, Go West or Y.M.C.A., the songs which made them the Disco Kings.

If you’re a fan of the music group, you can expect a trip back in time thanks to this online slot. The characters inside will include the Construction Worker, the Cowboy and the Biker, and the inspiration will be coming from the disco scene of the 70s.

It’s going to end up as a branded Microgaming slot machine, available in their portfolio and exclusive to their operators.

ITV Studios Global Entertainment, which can also be shortened to ITVS GE, is the holder of the license and they’ve been in the entertainment business for quite some time, being among the top companies operating today in this space. It’s a company with offices all over the world, in places like London, Los Angeles, Sydney or Hong Kong.

The COO of Microgaming, Andrew Clucas, declared that the brand of the Village People is an iconic one, which had a huge impact over audiences over the last couple of decades. Microgaming is announcing this new game which is based on the big hits of the band and on its members. It’s the first time that the Village People are turned to slot machine form.

The spokesperson for ITVS GE, Steve Green, has also mentioned how the Village People brand should be fun and how it can add the nostalgia element when turned into a slot machine.

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