Friday, 13 July 2018 15:35

MPN Poker Tour’s Main Event Winner From Sunny Beach is Iva Lazarova

Iva Lazarova is the name of the winner at the Main Event of Sunny Beach, one of the tournaments that are part of the MPN Poker Tour. She managed this after defeating a field of 320 contestants which tried to get the same title that she won.

Iva Lazarova is a professional poker player, and at 24 years old she just won a prize of €26,900. The tournament was exciting to watch, as she was at one point all in with half of the big blind on the bubble. She managed to recover and claimed the trophy of the MPNPT, making this the largest win of her professional career. She also became the first female champion of the MPNPT.

The second place was taken by Berislav Yosifov, which won €24,300, while in third place came Dmitri Fomitsa, which took home €20,100.

As for the other events that were part of this tournament, Emil Kunev received €4,775 by winning the Platinum Poker Cup. The winners of the Doubles event for MPNPT were Maili Tannbaum and Mati Pirn, with a total payout of €1,216. As for the Turbo Rebuy, that one went to Joel Homberg, which won €2,706.

The next tournament in MPNPT will be the Battle of Malta, with €1 million in guaranteed prizes. It will take place between October 26th and October 31st, 2018.

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