Saturday, 18 August 2018 09:47

Rainbrew Is Now Available at Microgaming Casinos [VIDEO]

Coming via Just For The Win, Rainbrew is one of the Microgaming exclusives and it has been released at all casinos using this platform.

Rainbrew will give you 5 reels with 243 ways, though through Sidewinder the number can jump to as many as 1125 ways. The slot uses two horizontal reels, at the top & bottom, to give you a lot of wilds and free spins icons.

Three variants exist for the wild feature alone, only one of which is considered a regular substitute. Two others are available to use in Sidewinder, connecting with a horizontal reel and activating it, either at the bottom or the top. Even more wilds and ways to win will result from that.

Access to the free spins is also something that comes via feature symbols, when you get the Rainbrew icons on the 2nd and 4th reels. A major plus for the free spins is that they always have the Sidewinder horizontal reels active. Expanding wilds are also a possibility at this point.

Rainbrew has already been released, being available at online casinos starting with August 16th, 2018.

David Reynolds, which is a Microgaming representative, mentioned how this new JFTW slot will come with a leprechaun themed design, which uses pipelines to bring in wilds, scatters and free spins. It’s a classic theme, but a modern version of it and the experience is unique. He mentioned that it’s the fourth slot coming from JFTW as a Microgaming exclusive for 2018, but more will come in the future.

From JFTW, Tiger Holmgren declared that the major innovation is in Sidewinder, a unique feature with big potential. With extra ways to win and expanding wilds, the game can get exciting quickly.

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