Sunday, 21 April 2019 07:33

Ascensus Interactive Is The Latest Addition to MPN

Ascensus Interactive LLC, a company that is based in London, is the newest poker room that decides to join the MPN (Microgaming Poker Network).

The poker room in question was founded the year before, in 2018, by three veterans of the gaming industry. The company delivers a mix of products which are aimed at the sports, poker and casino markets, in certain countries. Their main poker brand is called Players Come First, shortened as PCF, and it’s that poker room that has joined MPN.

Alex Scott, Poker’s Managing Director at Microgaming, welcomed Ascensus Interactive and mentioned that they’re excited about being poker providers for them. He is impressed with how much talent and experience their team has, as well as with the fact that they’re dedicated to corporate social responsibility and responsible gambling, just like Microgaming.

As a result of their becoming part of the network, Ascensus will have access to the MPN and their tools, including those for campaign management and poker software. There are promotions all the time in the network, and the experience that the players have is seamless.

One of the co-founders of Ascensus, Eugene Castro, declared that they started out with the intention for poker to be the main point of focus for them, and joining MPN was a natural early choice that they made, thanks to the management tools and innovative software that is available.

Hilly Ehrlich, the other co-founder, mentioned that based on his experience with poker networks, Microgaming has the right people and formula to make things work, and the software is terrific as well. He expects for their platform to benefit hugely from the Microgaming partnership.

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