In Just 48 Hours, Mega Moolah Jackpot Pays Twice

The famous progressive jackpot network that’s run by Microgaming, has managed to reach new heights in 2019, as it paid two different players huge jackpots, in both cases for the Mega Moolah slot and in the span of just two days.

The first time that the progressive jackpot triggered, was on March 5th, when a player won €11,546,388.15. One day later, on March 6th, another player won the Mega Moolah jackpot once again, this time at a value of €2,201,120.31. In both cases, we’re talking about players from Microgaming online casinos that are part of Casino Rewards.

The first jackpot that triggered, was for €11.5 million, and it is now the fourth largest such payout that the network has paid. The first three are worth €18.915,872 (September 2018), €17.879,645 (2015) and €13,328,028 (early 2019). As for the second payout which was triggered this month, it was a win for €2.2 million, which came from the first 33 bets made by a new player, which had just registered with that casino.

The progressive jackpot network that’s run by Microgaming has already paid more than €1 billion so far, and it’s clearly the biggest one around, with 71 different players becoming millionaires thanks to it.

Microgaming’s David Reynolds declared that the Mega Moolah has hit again, and that the company continues to be in first place, when it comes to life-changing jackpots being awarded. Triggering the jackpot twice in just as many days proves that Mega Moolah continues to be the most popular option around.

The Casino Rewards representative, Emma Hall, also congratulated the winners on behalf of the company’s team. They love that two of their players triggered 7 and 8 figure payouts from Mega Moolah. Three of their players became millionaires in recent months, and the last two in just two days.